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it'll always be all right

kibou no tenshi
30 August
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Hi, everyone! Takeru Takaishi here, second grade! Did I say second? I meant ninth. Really.

I don't get enough sleep nowadays, but other than that I think I'm a pretty regular kid. I took up writing as a hobby a few years ago. Mostly I hang out with my friends: Daisuke-kun (we fight sometimes, but it's always his fault, honest!), Hikari-chan, Iori-kun and everyone else.

My big brother's name is Yamato. He's a bit cold sometimes, but he's a nice person really. I don't see him that often - our parents have been divorced for as long as I can remember. But if he mentions anything about our old cat, it was his idea.

Class schedule:
Period 1: Psychology Ogami
Period 2: Japanese Literature Namekata
Period 3: European History Churchill
Period 4: Social Development Tanaka
Period 5: English 9 Lombardi
Period 6: Basketball Owari
Period 7: European Literature Nakamura

[This is a completely fictional RP journal.]